Welcome to TomTomSucks.co.uk

Hello, and welcome to the first dedicated website detailing how much TomTom, the popular company behind in-car navigation systems, SUCKS!

My nightmare began in 2007 and to this day I've never settled with TomTom. In fact, I have broken devices sitting in a drawer somewhere in my house. I'm out of pocket so this is my thank you to TomTom for screwing me about.

I urge you to read the information on this site from start to finish before considering purchasing a TomTom device as the aftersales support leaves a lot to be desired.

I'll let you form your own opinion, simply begin by working your way through the links to the right of this page. If you were asking for my advice then it is simple....


I hope the time and effort put into making TomTomSucks.co.uk is enough to make TomTom realise they cannot treat their customers badly.